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   Our focus is to return the injured worker to the workplace in a safe and timely manner. We provide aggressive case management intervention from the early post injury period. This ensures a complete understanding of all medical concerns surrounding the case. Development of an advocate relationship with the injured worker insures identification of subjective barriers to recovery and allows communication of medical issues to physicians and rehab providers, as well as relating return to work issues to the employer. Open communication with the employer is an essential part of the medical management process. The case manager assists the employer in understanding the employee’s injury and rehab needs. These services reduce lost–time and helps our employers with their bottom line costs associated with workers’ compensation.

   The Ohio House of Representatives Letter - Testimonial

City of Youngstown, OH Letter - Testimonial

“As our MCO for approximately six years, CompOne has been extremely effective in managing our Workers Comp claims. I find Dianne and her staff to be highly qualified, very experienced and to work very aggressively in controlling costs for our school district. I would have no hesitation in recommending CompOne to any school or business.”

- Richard R. Santilli, Treasurer
Boardman, OH School System

“CompOne has been my MCO representative for several years and I would like to compliment them on their services and speedy responses. CompOne is extremely helpful, informative and they assist in obtaining all the necessary information so I can make informed decisions on my cases.”

- Larry Kidd, President and CEO
Reliable Staffing Services, LLC