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Injured Workers

      CompOne is here to help you throughout the claims process, however we need your help. The workers’ compensation system can be confusing, so an open line of communication is the key to success. Prompt reporting of your injury to your employer and to CompOne will ensure that there is no delay in establishing your claim with the BWC. It is also the first step to facilitating the medical treatment necessary to a quick recovery and return to work. Keep in mind that your employer should also remain part of your communication—it is important to update them on your treatment and restrictions. Most employers can and will accommodate the restrictions that your physician provides, so check with them.

      CompOne will handle the medical management of your claim, however, we do not make the decision to allow or deny a claim. This is a BWC function and notification will come via mail. CompOne does make the treatment reimbursement decisions, bill payment and rehabilitation referrals. While you do have freedom to choose your physician of record, this physician must be BWC certified.

      We are providing links to several of the important forms that you may need, but if you have questions, please contact us at 877.281.9821 x 113.


FROI (first report of injury)
C23 (change of physician)
Injured Worker Satisfaction Survey

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